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Banyon Data Code Enforcement software can be used to track ordinance violations within the community. Create custom notices/letters to property owners and track if complied or still in violation.  Furthermore, print reports for properties that have complied or are still in violation status.


  • Integrates with Banyon Fund Accounting
  • Unlimited number of violation types
  • Customize up to 4 different notices per violation
  • Assign accounting revenue code by violation type
  • Attach and save a picture of the violation
  • Violation memo and internal memo fields available
  • Set compliance date before fee will apply
  • Track violation status: 1st notice, 2nd notice, 3rd notice, final notice, assessed, cancelled, complied, failed, open, paid in full
  • Easily look up violations by number, address, or name
  • Track who reported the violation
  • Attachment area to scan images and other files related to the violation
  • Complete history by property, owner, and contractor for current and past violations
  • Attach violations to multiple properties at one time
  • Full report writer included
  • Export reports to Word, Excel, PDF

Also includes all features regarding Property Management

  • Attach and save a picture of the property
  • View location of property over the internet using map link
  • Easily print an envelope or label using the print wizard
  • Look up customer to see all the properties owned
  • Track legal description, blocks, lots, sub division, & footages
  • Track Zoning information like zone typ, property type, dwelling type, hazards, electric company, school district, fire district, police district, sanitary district, & More
  • Track if property has a septic system and when it was installed
  • Enter building information like building value, land value, assessed value, last sale price, structure size, year built, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces, size of garage, deck, and more
  • Attach a floor plan
  • Easily attach misc fees

Benefits of implementing code enforcement tracking:

  • Improved land values in the community
  • Improved safety by eliminating unsafe conditions
  • Increase sense of community
  • Improved public image
  • Reduced health threats
  • Increase likelihood of economic development

Banyon Data Code Enforcement Software will pay for itself in a very short time period.