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ePayment, eBill Notification-Presentation Services integrated with Banyon Software




Banyon Data Systems partnered with Nuvei (PayaGov) and Payment Service Network (PSN) to bring you the widest suite of epayment, billing and presentation services.

Nuvei (PayaGov) can capture any payment from any channel and consolidate them for automatic posting into your Banyon Utility Billing and Fund Accounting software thus creating a batch of payments for posting when ready. You can now easily accept ACH, credit/debit cards, money orders, paper and e-checks. Nuvei (PayaGov) and PSN provide solutions for online payments, automated/live phone payments, payments coming through bank bill pay systems, scanned paper checks, swiped credit cards and more. An eBill solution delivers bills via the Internet with up-to-date balances due, bill attachment capability and customer email notifications. Services also include various ways to communicate with your customer base including Outbound Auto-Call Messaging, emailing and message posting. Select from the following options.

Online Payments with eBill notice and presentation


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  • Automate posting of payments from all channels into your Banyon Utility Billing.
  • Provide customers with widest choices of how they pay—online, automated/live phone, bank bill
    pay system, mailed paper checks
  • Your choice to accept any of the following: ACH, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express,
    money orders, paper checks, cash, bank bill pays which all become ePayments
  • Make payments on behalf of customers and terminals at customer service locations for selfservice
  • Customers can set up a secure profile
  • Customers can set up Auto-Pay for the amount of the bill or make an immediate or schedule a one-time payment
  • Presents online the most recent balance due
  • Online archive of payments for the life of the agreement
  • Account Management Center allows for:
    o Real-time viewing of payments, rejected payments, pending payments
    o Review archived payments
    o Issue refunds
    o Cancel payments, block payers
    o Make payments on behalf of customers
    o Change authorization level of staff
    o View bank deposits
    o Download reports
    o Download marketing piece templates
    o And much more
  • Highest level of security is maintained; Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
    Level 1 Certification