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Banyon Data Permits & Licesning Software will streamline how permits and licenses are issued, inspected, managed and tracked.


  • Unlimited number of permit types.
  • Unlimited number of fees.
  • Assign required inspections to a certain permit type in the set up.
  • View all permits ever pulled at a property or by a customer or contractor.
  • Fees attached to accounting account code and revenue transferred to WinFund when paid.
  • Show who the contractor is along with license #’s and insurance #’s on each permit.
  • Show who the architect is and contact information on each permit.
  • Track dates like: apply date, issue date, start date, project beginning date, project ending date, and expire date.
  • Fees can be flat or based on estimated cost of work.
  • Each permit can have multiple fees attached in setup.
  • Track and schedule inspections.
  • Makes notes about inspection and whether it passed, failed, or needs to reschedule.
  • Print daily inspector schedule.
  • Attach unlimited pdf photos or documents to individual permit.
  • Customize check boxes for departments to mark as completed.
  • Print permit and customize bottom (footer) section.
  • Print certificate of occupancy.
  • Remarks tab on permit allows user to enter description of work being done.
  • Includes contractor database


 Business Licensing Brochure

  • Liquor License, Bartender License, Rental License, and more
  • Unlimited number of license types can be created.
  • Flexible fee setup
  • Fees attached to financial revenue code and sent to Fund Accounting when paid.
  • Track dates like apply date, approve date, issue date, start date, expire date, due date.
  • Track status of license: pending, approved, issued, denied, renewal, expired.
  • Create and send renewal notices
  • Receipts are shown with check # on specific license screen for history purposes.
  • Track contractor and architect if needed.
  • Department check with customizable checklist
  •  Create, schedule, and track inspections
  • Customize how each license looks using the design feature
  • Customize and print license card
  • Scan and store attachments
  • Attach violations for non compliance
  • Sales Tax module can be added to track and report on business sales tax amounts and sales totals