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Purchase Orders


Purchase Orders Module screenshot

Our Purchase Order module is fully integrated with the general ledger. Encumbrance option allows money to be set aside from the budget when the PO is posted even though it is not paid for yet. The encumbered PO is then waiting to be paid off in the accounts payable area of the software. 



  • Can print one PO, a range, or all.
  • Type in an item or pick from drop down list the item you want to order.
  • Recur items can be set up to put in $ amount, tax, and acct. code automatically, making the entry of a PO a fast, smooth process. It will put all information filled in on the recur setup screen. The entry can also be changed once it comes up on the PO screen. (Recur Screen Shown Below)
  • Click on the find button to locate a PO by # or name.
  • Encumber the PO to have it set aside money from the budget. The PO is then sent to the accounts payable where it is waiting to be paid.
  • See Sample PO on next page.
  • Easy look up of the history for the purchase order. The history tab indicates when the PO was created and when or if it was actually paid.
  • Also create purchase order reports. A sample of one that we created is on the next page.
  • When looking on any transaction screen within the software you can search using the filter for. Right click on the field you want to search and you could search for any PO, Check #, Date, Batch Name, Amount, etc. Also do any range.
  • To void a purchase order, look up the PO and click on the posted tab and then check the final box. It will then zero out the purchase order.