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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enter budgets

From the Main View ribbon, select Chart of Accounts, click on the Budget tab. Then select the type (Exp or Rev), select the year you need to enter. If you would like to filter for a specific funds and/or dept to enter – use the Account Filter located on the top center of this screen.
Once the accounts show, you can begin entering you budget figures.

If you are on a calendar year – enter the budget in the Budget January (year) column.
If you are Fiscal year – enter the budget in your first month column.

  • If yearly budget – keep the total budget in the first available month
  • If monthly budget – enter the full budget in the first month, then left click on the account code and select 'Split Budget'. This will evenly divide the full budget in each month.


Frequently Asked Questions

Employee name is not printing on the check

Click on View, Employee Record, and Personnel Info. Make sure the City, State and Zip code for the employee’s address are all separated in the three correct boxes. If they are all listed in one, the City field, the names will not print on checks or stubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you input the FA Acct Code for Undistributed Receipts?

On the Account ribbon at the top of your screen, select Set-Up and then Bill Groups. Click on “R” or “G” and type in account code (including the dash) or select from the drop down menu. Repeat for each bill group that you have.