Designed for billing water, storm water, sewer, electric, gas, garbage, recycling, submeters, combo meters, etc.  Create detail customer accounts, attach customized services and rates. Full billing history, edit bills, adjustment tracking, meter device interfaces (AMR/AMI), direct payments, online payments, email bills, work orders, and 1000's of reports. 

We have the popular full-featured version for billing over 500 accounts and then we offer UB Lite as a low cost alternative for smaller organizations billing under 500 accounts. 



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Data Sheet         Meter AMR Interface

Popular Full-Featured Version   

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  • Interfaces with Banyon Fund Accounting
  • Track owner, renter, & billing information
  • Unlimited services (metered or non)
  • Flexible billing schedule
  • Bill sewer on water use or average periods
  • Setup cycle, route, or section billing
  • Track deposits, interest & apply to final bill
  • Easy and fast final bill process
  • Easily reprint customer bill & history
  • Set payment/receipt priority
  • Easily un-post receipt or penalty
  • Flexible penalty setup
  • Owner, penalty, late, & disconnect notices
  • Print meter check & final read orders
  • Flag for high, low, & no usage/readings
  • Enter & track status of customer concerns/calls
  • Store scanned attachments
  • Estimate meter readings
  • Sump pump tracking
  • Print postcard bills or full statements (25 forms available)
  • Print USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • Over 50 standard reports or 1000's of create your own
  • Export reports to Word, Excel, or PDF

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