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Banyon Data specializes in providing local municipalites, cities, towns and public utilities with full-featured, and quality Utility Billing Software that is affordable.  Our flexible and comprehensive utility billing software allows both public and private entities to bill any meter or non metered services.  Sample services billed include: water, storm water, sanitary sewer, gas, garbage, electric, cable television, phone, re-connect fees, taxes, etc. Banyon Data Utility Billing integrates with our Fund Accounting and Point of Sale Software to eliminate duplicate entry of receipts and revenue.  Furthermore, time saving modules like Meter Device Interface (download readings), Auto Direct Pay (ACH), and Customer Web Portal allow customers to view and pay their bill online using a credit card, personnel check or bank account.

Contact our team today to receive more information and schedule a demo.  See for yourself how Banyon Data's full-featured Utility Billing Software will save you time and money!

  • Unlimited services and rates
  • Flexible payment/receipt priority
  • Budget Billing Options and Schedules
  • Energy Assistance (no extra charge or module to purchase)
  • Easily reprint customer bill, history detail, & history summary
  • Owner, penalty, & disconnect notices (Postcards or Statements)
  • Print and track meter check work orders & final read orders
  • Easily un-post receipt or penalty
  • Flag for high, low, & no usage/readings
  • Certify unpaid balances to taxes
  • Flex-schedule services to bill by period(s)
  • Estimate based on last usage or last year
  • Bill out average, low, high usages compare period(s)
  • Print postcard bills or full statement bills
  • Interface to handhelds/radio/phone reads
  • Direct Payment, Email bill, Online Pay
  • Easy & fast final bill process
  • Tier Report module to compliment rate studies
  • Year/month/quarter end reports
  • Receipts sent by batch to Banyon Data Fund Accounting
  • Customer Web Portal and email bill

Time Saving Modules

Direct Payments: Directly debit customer bank account. More detail


Meter Device Interface: Automatically load readings from handheld device(s). More detail


Certification to Taxes: Automatically certifies unpaid balances to certification file and sends out notices. More detail

Fire Hydrant Management: Track location, picture, maintenance & flushing. More detail

Tier Report: Run rate studies and "what if" scenarios when considering rate changes. More detail

Receipt Barcode Scanning: Scan payments directly into receipt batch or Banyon Point of Sale. More detail

Disconnect Notices: Prints on special forms and can be printed as door tag too. More detail

Customer Web Portal : Allow customers to view bill online, billing history, and make one time or recur payments. More detail

Email Bill: Send utility bills via email (Save on postage.) More detail

Deposit Slip Printing: Print a deposit slip right from posted receipt batch. More detail

Accounts Receivable Transfer: Directly send utility billing calculation over to fund accounting where accounts receivable is debited and revenue credited. More detail

Service Order / Work Order : Create custom service orders and print or email. More detail

 Utility Billing Sample Reports (hundreds available)