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Update Current V10 Payroll:  

DOWNLOAD: bdspay2010.exe Ver. 10.32, 5/18/17     

  1. Added 7 digit to the posted check numbers (5/18/17)
  2. Option to hide employee number on check stubs (5/1/17)
  3. MN Unemployment Summary Report updated for State Gross field (4/21/17)
  4. Mandatory changes to 941 Form added (4/4/17)
  5. Checks in Check Recon can now be sorted by Check #
  6. Severance rate added to employee leave screen
  7. 2017 TAX UPDATE AVAILABLE - CLICK 2017 Tax Update link above (12/29/16)
  8. ACH emailer creates stub for emailer notification
  9. Montana MPERA transfer - New layout NOW available
  10. New Form 1094 now available
  11. Added new column to Payroll Summary that lists State Gross Pay and total
  12. Added two fields to the Timecard Transaction Report Category (Chk #, Date)
  13. Added state taxable gross fields to Report Writer
  14. Added State of Kansas Retirement Module


Update Current V10 Electronic Timecard Module :  
Only download the Electronic Timecard Module update if you have purchased this module from Banyon
(There would be a separate "BDS TIMECARD ENTRY" icon on your desktop if you have purchased)

First time Install, do each Version 10 Timecard component (Part1-3) separately AND on each subject computer.

Timecard Module DOWNLOAD: bdsexp2010.exe Ver. 10.02, 3/14/17


Update Current V10 Fund Accounting

DOWNLOAD: bdsfund2010.EXE  10.12  4/25/17                           

  1. Allows different default Control Accounts to be setup on non-enterprise and enterprise funds (4/25/17)
  2. Show warning for duplicate invoice number-restrict use on toggle option (3/14/17)
  3. Added header page at end of JE batch report
  4. Improved access speed to database links. Faster!
  6. Change to Fiscal Year customers' (IA, TX, etc ) 1099's
  7. Added two new reports. Budget Revenue-Expense to Prev Yrs and Profit Loss YTD to Prev Yrs
  8. Added notice for auto- void checks in sequence gap unless opted out - low left corner of post check screen


Update to V10 Utility Billing:  

DOWNLOAD: bdsub2010.exe Ver.10.32  5/18/17        

  1. Added new features to VANCO online pay profile (5/18/17)
  2. Added new bill form. The Sealer Bill is a bill that provides a return envelope for payment (5/16/17)
  3. Added custom Elec to Demand rate switch at pre-defined threshold (4/24/17)
  4. Added feature to transfer special adjustments to Fund Acct Recievables Xfer (4/3/17)
  5. Added feature to PSN send notification
  6. Added various options for printing to the Info Send Bill form.
  7. Added Full Bill Summary for (owners) that have multiple billed properties. Generate Summary Bill.
  8. Added final bill group with no calculated charge but with adjustments to transfer to accounting.
  9. Added complex calc for based on another usage service when multiplier is used
  10. Added ability to put totals of dollars and customers in Internet Bill Payment File - PSN
  11. Allows very long service names when transferring ACH
  12. Added field in RW to show how many times late in last 12 months
  13. Removed password protection on changing service type for services
  14. Added new Master Account option on Top Ribbon Menu Use Summary Codes to link 


New Report Writer Standard Report Set Download to Import - RW repair will run auto to secure reports.

If using PSN web pay for 64 bit download PSN 64 bit bdsub2010.EXE Be Careful-Must be 64 bit.


Update Your V10 Service Order:

Service Order DOWNLOAD: bdsso2010.exe Ver. 10.07 3/8/17 

  • Added utility billing account balance to Service Order input list and used in Serv Order template


Update Current V10 Point of Sale (POS): 

Point of Sale (POS) DOWNLOAD: bdspos2010.exe 10.04, 3/27/17  

  1. PSN payments import to POS
  2. Improved distribution screen - tax totals (3/15/17)
  3. Improved access speed to database links. Faster! (1/18/17)
  4. Allows two printed receipts for property tax entry module users (12/19/16)
  5. Allows option to prevent price and discount changes at counter entry (12/15/16)
  6. Allows credit card PSN payments in POS to be uploaded seperately and not sent to UB batch (11/29/16)
  7. Added Payment Service Network (PSN) transfer of prop tax data for online payment (11/11/16)
  8. Added Batch Number field to Report Writer Distribution Register
  9. Update adds customer's credit or balance forward amounts on receipt



Update Current V10 Property Management (Including Permits, License, Special Assessment, Pet Licensing, Cemetery Management, Zoning Violation Management):

Prop Mgmt DOWNLOAD: bdssa2010.exe Ver. 10.43, 3/15/17

  1. Lot Order Changed to numeric - additonal feature (3/15/17)
  2. Option to print contractor phone number on permit rather than owner (11/29/16)
  3. Inspections may be attached directly to property screen!!
  4. Option for Inspection phone numbers by permit type
  5. Customizable Inspection Cards
  6. Fund Project Added to Assessment Distribution
  7. Tree Inventory Module Added - Add on
  8. Pet License now report on past issued tags
  9. Inspections module now available as web-based application
  10. Properties and owners can be synchronized and added to Utility Billing!! NICE 


Update Current V6 Vault Backup

Vault Backup / With Auto-Scheduling DOWNLOAD: vault.exe 11/2/15

1. Automatically schedule your backups


Access 2010 64-bit Runtime program AccessRuntime64.exe 


Part 1 - Microsoft Access Runtime 2010: AccessRuntime.exe

Part 2 - Access Runtime 2010 Interface: RT2010.exe

Sample Utility Post Cards, Forms and Checks


Payroll Features added in past:

  • New Form 1095 (Health Plan Form)
  • Updated to meet new 941 format - 2015
  • Changes added for Indiana 2016 Retirement PERF
  • Sort option for ACH report Alphabetically listed
  • Update adds entity information on check stub

Fund Accounting Features added in past:

  • Additonal 1096 forms change added for mail hard copies
  • Printable sample of check to preview screen
  • 1099 modified to drop dashes for WI electronic transfer to State
  • Auditors request to eliminate renaming a posted batch now in effect
  • Renaming a batch is allowed prior to posting 
  • 1096 for new 2016 form - Sample - Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns
  • External Batches - Date column widened
  • Invoice Statements now sorted by Due Date
  • Now has field to enter comment why a check number had been changed
  • Update generates IA City Budget Report(s)

Utility Billing Features added in the past:

Added Ontario, Canada Electric Module

    • Added Notes to Work Order Form 2 on METER-MISC TAB
    • Now allows for two characters in the Account Type field
    • Added note on Account Screen upper right. Show dollar amount of a pending payment
    • Added Auto Height for printing of Memo Pad entries. Allows wrap around in reports
    • Tightened User Rights for Read Only and No Access (12/30/16)
    • Added InfoSend Full Bill Tier to regiment of available forms (12/28/16)
    • Added non-standard CSV Meter Device file exports when combining fields - Beacon (12/28/16)
    • Added index check for receipt entries to ensure complete tables - programming code item (12/14/16)
    • Opt out paper or paperless option added for PSN download notification (12/8/16)
    • Complaint Menu item changed to Note Tracking to be more inclusive of issues (12/8/16)
    • Quick save to Certified List Edit (12/2/16)
    Added Kamstrup Company meter import and export interface profile (11/22/16)
  • Pay multiple customer accounts with one entry to batch (11/09/16)
  • New feature added for Payment Service Network - RevTrak online payments for final bills.
  • Ability to move mailing address up or down on full bill and penaly full bills.
  • Move accounts/customers and move their services, meters, history and work orders.
  • Meter "swap-out import" for changed out meters now easier and simple.
  • Added a customerized form for a customer needing special full bill graphing treatment
  • Quick Pay feature to click account balance field on account screen and enter payment.
  • Revtrak now has auto total emailing bills for 64 bit computers
  • Tier Report now supports customer listing of group totals by date range selected.
  • Revtrak auto load added to import receipts
  • Added Landlord as an Owner option and added to Report Writer


2017 Tax Update (Federal Tax PLUS Available State Tax Tables for these select states: IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MN, MT, NE, ND, OK, PA, WY, WI