IMPORTANT NOTICE:  COVID-19 restrictions have prevented us from providing onsite training until further notice.  Online and phone trainings is always available.

Unlike many of our competitors who only hold training at their offices hundreds of miles out of your way, we let you choose between our office, or online web training via the /Internet or, if you like, we certainly will come to your office.  Whatever is more comfortable for you and/or your staff.

WE HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO OFFER TRAINING TO ALL ACTIVE BANYON CUSTOMERS. NO ONE WILL BE REFUSED.  We do limit trainings during the high support season from the middle of December through January to focus more on customer support and end of year procedures and year end closings. More than likely trainings schedule during this time will be online training sessions.

One or Two days of training is recommended for each core software application initially.  A six hour session is considered one day.  These hours may be broken out over time but it is highly recommended that the training be completed within a one month time span.

After the software has been in use for a while, supplemental training can be scheduled to learn more advanced features.  This supplemental training can be scheduled as a "mini" session over the web.  Additionally, we would encourage those customers with staff changes to acquire the supplemental training.

Summary of Training Costs

  • Training at your office is $500 per day for core, main software applications plus travel expenses (if 400 miles round trip from Banyon Home Office) Travel expenses if applicable include:  Mileage/Airfare, Hotel, Car Rental, & Meals.
  • Training at Banyon offices is $300 day
  • Training via the Internet (Glance) is $400 per 1 day session (6 hrs). This is an online session using your data.
  • Supplemental Focus Training using Internet (Glance) is $100 hr (allows us to see your computer or you to view our computer.)