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Microsoft OS and Office Corner

MicroSoft download Office Access Patch Causing Problems for Banyon Data Software
FIX OPTION FOR "Error 3340Table ZstblControl Query"  
If you had a Microsoft Office update (Autorun) in the past few days and you have gotten the above message accessing Banyon Data or any other software using MicroSoft Access Runtime 10 then read the following fix.  If you don't get this error message then you DO NOT have to run the steps below.  Here is a link to a site that describes why the corruption occured.  Banyon Data has the solution for our software to run but not other programs affected.  If you like, you can try and contact MicroSoft support and ask them to assist you in uninstalling the Office Updates listed below that are causing the problem.
MicroSoft Fix or Correction:
Uninstall specific MicroSoft updates that caused problem(s)
Click on Start and click on Control Panel.  Find Programs and Features and click on the View Installed Updates menu option (normally in upper left corner area) Next, in the upper right hand corner enter in the Search Installed Updates Box the Product Code (KB4484127 or KB4484113) you are intending to uninstall and press the magnify glass graphic and the update will be highlighted in the table.  Finally, right click on the highlighted row or name and click on uninstall.

Remove security updates from 12/2/2019 

and if you have any of the updates shown below from 11/12, uninstall these also.

Office 2010 update dated November 12, 2019      KB4484127

Office 2013 Update                                  KB4484119

Office 2016 update dated November 12, 2019      KB4484113 and KB3085368

Reboot computer(s) and open a Banyon Application.

Microsoft Access 2016 (MSI installation) is fixed.

This update is provided by Microsoft as a hotfix through the Download Center. Here are the download links:

The update requires an installed Microsoft Office 2016 and a restart is required after the update. As a precaution, Microsoft provides instructions on how to uninstall the update in the KB article.



Save and Run Disable Leasing routine linked here to remedy Microsoft Window 10 issues with corrupting data.  Available to customers using Windows 10 in a network server configuration. Must run this on each computer station and the Server. Be sure to close all open programs. CLICK HERE

  • If you purchase Microsoft Operating System (OS) 2019 please do not use the Microsoft Access Runtime 16 or 19 component application unless needed for another program.  Banyon Data installs it's own runtime version of Access to run the Banyon programs.  CALL OUR OFFICE FOR ASSISTANCE.
  • Remember, when installing to a network configuration be sure you have pathed the network server and all attached computers with the UNC or Universal Naming Convention path (ex. server/c:/bdwin) rather than mapping drives (ex. M). Our software performs better this way.


Windows updates deleting MS Office Software


Annual support entitles all active support customers unlimited software operations support via phone, email, or online. Furthermore, annual support for active customers entitles them to unlimited downloads of new versions and updates.

Is your data backed up offsite in case of fire or other natural disaster?  If not, call our Sales Department and purchase Banyon Data's Secure Vault Backup


ONLINE HELP Let's take a look at your software online 


Call (800) 229-1130 or (952) 882-7730 to get a session key # and click a link below as directed by our staff.

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If you would like to receive software update notifications via email, please provide us each employee email address and which software application they want to receive update notices for. 



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How to Create a NEW Report Collection Folder or Category

How to export CSV format Report to Excel - Easy and less editing

How to Guides for Core Products in Version 10 releases



Banyon has a history of working closely with the following CPA firms dedicated to assisting our customers with accounting issues, standards and principles.  Banyon offers free copies of our Fund Accounting software to any auditing firms that have clients using our software.  This allows customers to send data to our secure FTP site where the auditing firm can download through their specially programmed copy of the software.

Send this letter to your auditing firm for details:  Banyon Auditing Firm Letter

The below sample firms can provide not only auditing help, but contract work if your entity needs help with Banyon Data Accounting Software.

 BerganKDV formerly Kern, DeWenter, Viere, Ltd
Minneapolis Office
3800 American Blvd W
Suite 1000
Minneapolis, MN 55431

(952) 563 - 6800
Fax (952) 563 - 6801
St. Cloud Office
220 Park Avenue S.
P.O. Box 1304
St. Cloud, MN 56301
(320) 251 - 7010
Fax (320) 251 - 1784


Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP
Twin Cities Office
5201 Eden Ave #250
Edina, MN 55436
(952) 835-9090
Mankato Office
100 Warren Street, Suite 600
Mankato, MN56002
Fax: 507.388.9139


Burkhardt and Burkhardt Ltd.
Greg Burkhardt
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
430 So Broad St, Ste 100
Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 387-1338 Office
(507) 387-5199 Fax


Municipal Finance Specialists
Finance Consulting, City Auditor Support, and Training Services
Loren Hoffman
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
1815 Schafer Street Suite 301 Bismarck, ND 58501. 
Phone: 701.221.0530
General Auditing Help Listing Courtesy of MNCPA.ORG


Order vendor, payroll checks or utility bills?

 Business Forms & Systems - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Phone: (800) 842-6239