Banyon Report Writer

Standard and User Defined Reports. Banyon Data Systems has a powerful and easy-to-use Report Writer module included with each software application purchased.

Highlights include:  pdf

  • Filter or drill down to specific data.  Filter for certain funds, departments ,date ranges, meter usages,  or exclude certain amounts or codes.  Use many different filter techniques like <,>, = or “between” for date ranges.
  • Save any report with your filters.  Ex.)  Police Budget report.
  • Group, sort, and total by any field.  Ex) Total by fund and department.
  • Change font size on any report or double space the report.
  • Bold or highlight a column to stand out for the council or board.
  • Add Report titles & Sub Headings explaining what the report is showing.
  • Preview report on screen, export to Word or Excel.
  • Create Month end, Quarter end, Year end categories.  You can also add your “name” as a category and save reports to it.  This allows a user to simply select a collection of reports and select "print collection"

Reports listed here are a small sample of what is actually available.  Keep in mind there are many more reports to run or customize to your specific needs.

Fund Accounting Sample Reports (Click on a report to view)

Expenditure Guideline By Department

Expenditures By Fund/Department Summary

Overbudget Accounts

Expeditures By Alt Code (wages, overtime, benefits, Supplies, etc)

Expenditure Budget Worksheet

Fund Summary Monthly

Budget YTD Revenues & Expenditures

Revenue Budget Analysis

Department Budgets

Monthly Claims List Detail (run as unpaid or paid with check numbers)

Monthly Claims List Summary

Monthly Payments By Department (Easily re-sort to go by fund-dept)

Cash Balances

Cash Balance Summary

Cash Balance Month/Year

Statement of Receipts, Disbursements, and Balances (Schedule 1)

General Ledger Monthly/Yearly

Balance Sheet

GASB Statements

Vendor Summary Yearly (Any date range possible)

Utility Billing Sample Reports (Click on a report to view)

Billing Register Summary

Billing Register

Receipt Distribution Summary

Out of Bounds (usage report)

DNR Summary

Directors Report

Account Balance

Service Balance Summary

Pumped Vs. Billed (Water Loss Report)

Receipt Entry Register

Receipt Distribution Summary (Accrual or Cash Accounting)

Tax Summary (Run on date range)

12 Month Usage Report by Account

Usage For Multiple Years/Periods

Bill History Detail (For one customer and choose any billing periods/years)



Meter Reading Entry Report