publiclibraryOur Fund Accounting and Payroll software can be purchased separately.

Library Financial Software Flyers 

Notable Fund Accounting Features:

  • Approved by State Board(s) of Accounts
  • Interfaces with Banyon Data Payroll
  • Prints Library Claim Form Number 4 (Sample)
  • Transaction history is unlimited
  • Monthly or yearly budgeting
  • Work in multiple months/years
  • Easily print one check for a vendor
  • Recur setup for payments, receipts, and journal entries
  • Print 1099 and 1096 forms
  • Purchase order and encumbrance tracking
  • Void checks and auto reverse entries
  • Flags over budget accounts
  • Flags previously paid invoices
  • Vendor and account code inquiry
  • Project tracking
  • Print checks with electronic signatures
  • GASB Reporting
  • Asset tracking and depreciation
  • Pay vendors via ACH
  • Over 100 standard reports or create new
  • Month end, year end, and user report categories
  • Special audit reporting area
  • GASB reporting
  • Export reports to Word, Excel, TXT, CSV, or PDF

Fund Accounting Add on Modules:

Purchase Orders:  Our Purchase Order module is fully integrated with the general ledger. Encumbrance option allows money to be set aside from the budget when the PO is posted even though it is not paid for yet. The encumbered PO is then waiting to be paid off in the accounts payable area of the software. You can also choose to just print a PO without using the encumbrance feature. Print your logo and customize a message at the bottom of the PO.  More detail.

Billing / Invoicing
: No more generating invoices from Word or Excel. This module integrates with Fund Accounting Accounts Receivable. Easily generate an invoice or statement for items that need to be billed to customers. Recur invoice items can be set up along with recur invoices to a customer. Print customer invoice summary to show transactions.  More detail.

Asset Tracking:Our Fixed Assets program will take the place of your spreadsheet and allow you to maintain continuing accountability of general fixed assets. Fixed Assets has easy to follow steps for calculating year end depreciation and posting of journal entries.  More detail.

GASB Reporting:Generates required reports to comply with GASB.  More detail.

Deposit Slip: Print a deposit slip directly from receipt batch

ACH Payments:
Pay vendors via electronic payment.

Notable Payroll Features:
  • Interfaces with Banyon Accounting
  • Electronic Timecard Interface
  • Human resource tracking included
  • Print 941 and Schedule B
  • Prints W-2 and W-3
  • Print Quarterly Wages (SUTA)
  • PERF Retirement Reporting (and other states)
  • Scan in attachments to employee record
  • Re issue lost checks
  • Easily run a supplemental payroll
  • Auto leave accrual setup
  • Schedule deductions and benefits
  • Wage increase tool
  • Retro pay worksheet
  • Deduction benefit reversal tool
  • Allocate pay by percent or hours worked
  • Flexible employee template setup
  • Electronic signatures on checks
  • Budget forecasting
  • Direct deposit and email pay stubs
  • Severance payout tool
  • Over 50 standard reports or create new
  • Export reports to Excel, Word, TXT, CSV, or PDF

Human Resource options included at no additional charge:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Dependents
  • Certifications
  • Reviews
  • Drivers License Number
  • Attachments


Payroll Add On Modules:

Direct Deposit: Directly deposit payroll checks via ACH transfer to employee bank account(s). Not all employees have to use direct deposit. Payroll information can be printed on paper for employee records. More detail.

Retirement Report Printing: Automates reporting process for state retirement plans for MN, IA, AK, SD, ND, WI, IN, TX, AR, ID, MT. (Click on a state for more detail and sample reports.)

Employee Electronic Timecard: Tired of entering in hours from employee paper time sheets? Use our timecard software to install on employee computers or a centralized computer. Use as time clock or let employees view and enter electronic timesheet. Each employee timecard can be customized. More detail