Designed to be used by a municipal store or utility company to control product inventories. It interfaces with Banyon Point of Sale for transaction entry.

Inventory Detail  pdf

Feature Highlights:

  • Uses Banyon POS software to scan barcodes and print receipt.
  • Easily look up an item on transaction screen if problem scanning.
  • Flexible set up with unit cost, markup, and shelf price.
  • Show how much is on hand for items and set re-order point.
  • Clearly displays MTD/YTD sold for item.
  • Easily enter new stock from a vendor.
  • Transfer from off sale to on sale.
  • Print shelf labels or UPC labels.
  • Easily set up discounts or sales to run on an item for specific date range.
  • Balance cash drawer and run end of day reports.
  • Revenue transferred to BDS fund accounting or summary report can be printed by account code to enter into non Banyon Accounting.