Thanks to all who took the time to complete the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey.  The survey results will help us better serve you in the future.  This was a direct to customer survey and not provided online. Although online surveys are less expensive it was decided to mail directly to avoid the impersonal factor and allow you more time to reflect on answers and comments and complete the 7 page survey at your leisure.  

Here are just a few of the general findings and results from our review and tally.

  • A high 38% return of completed surveys, making this survey the most responded to in Banyon's history and by industry standards a very high return. Thanks customers for your compliments and suggestions.
  • 98% of returned surveys were positive and complimentary.
  • 95% of the positive comments were directed at Banyon Data's Customer Service and Software Support staff as well as new and enhanced product features.
  • All States where Banyon Data customers reside had positive comments about our products and services.
  • For those customers looking for training, or software update notification emails. This will be available this coming Summer.
  • We have already provided links to helpful manuals and "how to" papers on the Support Menu Option. Areas of help include Year End Processing, Creating and Using Report Writer Collections, Exporting reports to Excel using the CSV format (easy, and cleaner).  Please check these links out and remember manuals for all products can be downloaded and printed from this page as well.

Thanks and be sure to keep a look out for our emails and newsletters with more information on what Banyon Data is doing to keep you informed and supported.