Hardware Specifications 


AMD or Pentium System 4 or higher

2 GHz Recommended for Server


Workstations 4-6 GB

Server 8-10 GB

OPERATING SYSTEM –Same on all computers

Microsoft Windows 8 or higher release

DISPLAY VGA Monitor (1024 X 768) or higher - 17" Viewable
INPUT DEVICES Enhanced 101 Keyboard

500 GB or 1TB SSD (Solid State Drive) unit, USB port for Flash Drive installs

1TB for server with SSD unit.

CD ROM (optional)

MICROSOFT OFFICE APPLICATIONS Install your MS Office apps but please do not install Microsoft Access – Banyon Data auto- installs a runtime version.

Allow minimum 1GB of storage for each application installed locally.

Allow minimum data storage of 2 GB each on server.  4GB recommended

COMMUNICATION Internet Access.  FTP access enabled no firewall
PRINTER HP Laser Printer that can feed card stock for Utility forms. Check with business forms vendor
NETWORK (if networking)

WINDOWS SERVER 2012 or higher. Use UNC path connections, not Mapped paths. Make exception for BDSWIN folder and all Banyon databases