Fund Accounting Software

Our Fund Accounting software will help your business office become more efficient by enhancing your budget tracking & reporting capabilities. Our full-featured fund accounting package includes: Payables, Receipts, General Ledger, Journal Entries, Check Writing, Check Book Balancing, Budgets, Project Tracking, & Report Writing.

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Notable Features We Know You will Like:

  • Multiple month(s) or year(s) open without having prior closed.
  • Unlimited transaction history with easy inquire access.
  • Reduce routine processes using recur payments, receipts, and journal entry batches.
  • Easily print one check for a vendor.
  • Monthly or yearly budgeting.
  • Use project management to create project codes, set a budget, start/end date, track cost, and run reports based on projects.
  • Easily void a check and re-issue.
  • Flag for previously paid invoices.
  • Flag if account code will go over budget with entry.
  • Easily inquire on account codes or vendors directly from entry screen.
  • Easy vendor history and printing.
  • Vendor attachments
  • Print vendor label or print name/address directly to envelope.
  • Print electronic signatures on checks with password protection.
  • Over 100 standard reports to choose from. Modify or create your own (Samples)
  • Export any reports to Word or Excel.
  • Save reports as PDF to a folder by month and year.
  • Pay vendors via ACH transfer.
  • Print Vouchers or claims registers.
  • Bank reconciliation download.
  • Audit reporting area to enhance auditing process.
  • PDF reports stored automatically to Year and Month folder
  • We receive many referrals from auditing firms and accountants.
Fund Accounting Additional Modules

Purchase Orders: Our Purchase Order module is fully integrated with the general ledger. Encumbrance option allows money to be set aside from the budget when the PO is posted even though it is not paid for yet. The encumbered PO is then waiting to be paid off in the accounts payable area of the software. You can also choose to just print a PO without using the encumbrance feature. Print your logo and customize a message at the bottom of the PO. More detail.

Manage Payables: Great for year end when you want to expense an item in December, but not pay for until follwoing month/year.More detail

Billing/Invoicing (AR)
: No more generating invoices from Word or Excel. This module integrates with Fund Accounting Accounts Receivable. Easily generate an invoice or statement for items that need to be billed to customers. Recur invoice items can be set up along with recur invoices to a customer. Print customer invoice summary to show transactions. More detail.

Asset Tracking: Our Fixed Assets program will take the place of your spreadsheet and allow you to maintain continuing accountability of general fixed assets. Fixed Assets has easy to follow steps for calculating year end depreciation and posting of journal entries. More detail .

GASB Reporting: Generates required reports to comply with GASB. More detail .

Deposit Slip Printing: Print a deposit slip from a receipt batch.

ACH Payments:
Pay vendors via electronic payment. More detail.

Purchase Card Import: Import credit card transactions directly into a Banyon payment batch. More detail.